Some of the wineries around Mildura

Mildura Local Wineries...

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When I took my first flight from Melbourne to Mildura, there were two things that struck me. One was how desolate and barren the landscape looked from 20,000ft. And the second was just how many grape blocks there were to see as we began our descent. Many of those grapes are destined for the table grape market, others will end up as sultanas. But a reasonable proportion are grown by/for the local Mildura wineries.

While Mildura is perhaps not as well known as some of the Australian wine producing areas like Adelaide or the Hunter valley, the area still produces a number of great wines. So, let us show you some of the wineries and cellar doors in the Mildura area... it's a wine aficionado and connoisseurs delight. We have limited ourselves to showing you wineries within a 45 min drive of the Mildura CBD.

Some of the wineries around Mildura

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Chateau Mildura

Only 10-15 minutes drive from the CBD, this is part winery and part museum of old wine making equipment.

Established in 1888, and now home to Psyche Wines Pty Ltd, the Chateau is part of the historic Chaffey Trail. The location was chosen due to the proximity to Kings Billabong, which supplied the irrigation water for the original 150 acre grape block. The first wines were produced in 1891. Today, the winery produces a large range of wines, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, and Shiraz.

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Trentham Estate

Trentham's winery has been operating since 1988, where it has grown from the initial 30 tonne crush to a minimal but state-of-the-art facility handling up to 5,000 tonnes of premium fruit each vintage. It allows the flexibility to perform different winemaking styles, resulting in the diverse and always consistent Trentham Estate wines.

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Mildura Brewery

This has been included in our list, because they produce a range of local craft beers onsite. However, there isn't a whole lot to see other than the bar, and the food is OK. It's fine... just not something to go out of your way for. So, if you are a craft beer fanatic, maybe it's worth your while calling in. But other than that, don't expect anything more than you would get at any other local pub.

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Gill Estate

A new winery to the market, Gill Estate released their range this year, and is available at a number of local outlets. While the Gill Estate has been around for a long time, producing everything from almonds to citrus to avacados, this is their first foray into producing wines.

Their wine manager has 30yrs of experience, so my expectation is that this is going to become a great local wine. Why not take a drive down there and check them out, grab a few bottles? The winery is located near Iraak, about 20min drive south of Red Cliffs.

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