Mildura Weather: From Cool Winters To Blistering Summers


The weather in the Mildura region has been described as "Mediterranean", "steppe" and "semi-arid". What that means in plain language is long hot dry summers with cool but mild winters. Very little rain, with the majority of that occurring over winter and spring. Daytime temperatures during the summer months are often in the mid to high 30s (Celsius), with a number of days exceeding 40° and low humidity.Winter days tend to be cool but clear, with overnight lows getting down towards frost level in the coldest months. The weather is a world away from what you experience in Melbourne. From September to November, I doubt there is a more pleasant and settled climate anywhere in Victoria.

Graph, showing average temperatures throughout the year
Graph, showing average temperatures throughout the year

Annual Sunlight Hours

Australia in general is a sunny country, compared to the northern hemisphere. Mildura is right up with the top spots of Perth and Brisbane, getting almost 3000 hrs annually. Compare that to New Zealand's sunniest city (usually either Nelson or Napier) which gets an average of 2700. (Sorry Kiwis, but your climate generally sucks... and that is coming from a fellow ex-NZer).

The woolshed at Mildura Station
We can get these sort of temps occasionally, anytime from Dec to March.

The Mallee Dust Storm

Mildura Dust storm, May 2019
Dust storm approaching... Take cover!

If you ever see a dust-storm approaching like the one pictured (May 2019), then stop what you're doing and go indoors! This picture was taken by my wife as she was coming back to Mildura from Euston. Of course, with a storm like that you need to pull over and wait it out... driving in it would be almost impossible, as well as incredibly dangerous.

I suggest doing it quickly, and shut all windows. I learned that the hard way. Luckily, they are not a common occurrence and don't last more than an hour or so. Often less than that.

A dry spring will mean maybe a couple over the summer, and they are not pleasant to be out in. These dust storms can roll in from the desert during the hottest part of the year and seemingly pop up out of nowhere. They are usually accompanied with a blast of cold air and very strong winds... no fun at all.

I have only experienced a few of them (including the one in the picture) and have noticed that they are usually preceded by a strange very distinctive smell in the air. What that smell is I don't know. Some say it's dust, some say it's ozone. I've even been told it's the smell of "farting ants". But whatever it is, it can give you a few minutes warning before you actually see the storm.

I have to say, the local car wash does a very brisk trade after a dust storm... queues of cars lined up. The trouble with the red dust is that if you get a bit of a shower afterwards, it turns to concrete and can lift the paint (or so it seems).

Spring In Mildura

Possibly my favourite time of the year. Sept to Nov. Although to be honest I'm not so keen on the windy days. Spring equinox around here tend to mean winds, although at least they're warm. And the jacarandas... what can I say, other that make sure I take some pictures of the local displays next spring and put them on this page? Their wonderful purple blossom is a sign that the hot weather is on the way.

Purple blooms of the Jacaranda
Purple blooms of the Jacaranda

October is a particular favourite of mine, as that is the month we get the first flush of roses. Being a rose lover (I also have a roses website) our garden is full of them... climbers, standards and bush roses, many of them older varieties. Below is a picture of our garden when they are out in full force. Aren't they just lovely?

October is the month for roses here
Roses in our garden

Summer In Mildura

This past summer wasn't particularly hot, by Mildura standards. By that, I mean there weren't too many days in the mid 40s. Often, the last month of summer (February) is the hottest month, although sometimes the heat can extend right throught to March/April.

Perhaps the best thing about summer, for me at least, is the fishing gets better! I share some of my favourite fishing spots with you (maybe not my absolute favourite secret spot) on this site.

Autumn In Mildura

March/April tends to be warm to hot days, but without the blistering heat of summer and with a slight nip in the air overnight and early mornings. You can definitely feel that winter is on the way.

These months tend to be just about right as far as temperature is concerned: not cold enough to warrant a heater at night, and not hot enough during the day to need the A/C running in the house. At least we manage to save on the electricity bill.

Winter In Mildura

While it can and does get cold here over winter, the temperature generally only dips towards or below freezing on a few nights a year. Usually in our coldest month, July. As I write this (9am, 23rd June) the temp is a very mild 11c, with clear blue skies and an expected high of 19c.

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