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Most weekends, you will find a local or farmers market in the Mildura region. We often pop down to the Sunraysia Farmers Market, held on the banks of the Murray river on the first and third Saturdays of the month, 8am to midday.

The Farmers market, Mildura

Invariably we leave with bags full of fantastic produce – all fresher and cheaper than you will get at the supermarkets. From “salt bush” lamb shanks to raw honey, homemade salamis to preserves, mandarins and oranges… it’s not only a great way to shop for you fresh produce, it supports the local stallholders as well.

There will often be up to 100 stalls, and some of the markets even have a bit of free entertainment or things to occupy the kids. It’s definitely worth spending an hour or two browsing the stalls. Save some money and have a bit of fun at the same time – win-win.

But of course, this is not the only market in the area. Check out the details of the local markets below.

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Sunraysia Farmers Market

1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month, Jaycee Park. 8am - 12pm.

The Farmers market, Mildura
What a great way to spend a Saturday morning

This market really is a foodies delight. Not only is the produce cheap fresh and all locally produced, you will find a lot of things that simply aren't available in supermarkets. The homemade salamis are to die for (they had free tasting when I was there), and raw honey or honeycomb is ridiculously cheap.

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Red Cliffs Market

1st Sunday of the month, Barkley Square. 9am - 1pm.

The Farmers market, Mildura
Metalwork and garden-art stall

We arrived early for the Red Cliffs monthly market. A hot summers morning, and and the promise of bargains galore was beckoning. Armed with bags, money and a sense of anticipation, we set off the explore the market stalls.

Among our bargains that day were some pots of English Lavender... while you can buy the French variety at most garden centers, the English is much harder to find and generally more expensive. But at $5 each, these were a great find.

There was also a large display of standard roses, some of them fairly hard to find varieties, and really well priced. As Della and I are both rose lovers (I have a website all about roses if you would like to visit it) we spent a lot of time browsing here, and choosing a few that would go well with our existing roses.

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Merbein Market

3rd Sunday of the month, Commerce St. 8am - 12pm.

Food stall at the Merbein market
Sausage sizzle at the Merbein market day

While the Merbien market isn't as big as some of the other local ones, it's certainly worth a visit. Very laid back atmosphere, friendly stall holders who all seem to be up for a chat, and lots of plants, crafts and bric a brac.

What I love about this market, is not the number of stalls. It's not the facilities, and it's not the location either. It's that so many of the stalls specialise in old treasures, the sort of things you might find in an estate garage sale.

One of my hobbies (yes I know, it's ridiculous) is collecting owls. I don't know why, they just appeal to me. Figurines, owl windchimes, pewter owls, I seem to have collected a lot over the years. And the Merbein market is exactly the sort of place I go looking for them.

So if you enjoy rummaging through boxes of old bits and pieces, finding old hidden treasures, this market is for you.

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Botanic Gardens Market

4th Saturday of the month, Botanic Gardens. 8.30am - 12.30pm.

Tearoom and giftshop at Inland Botanic Gardens
Tearoom and giftshop at Inland Botanic Gardens

This is a wonderful way to spend a Saturday morning. They only hold this monthly, but it’s worth waiting for. They don't have a huge number of stalls... I think last time I was there it was a dozen or so, maybe a few more. But many of them are arts and crafts related, lots of great gifts ideas.

Make sure you get there early, breakfast is served at 8.30am, and it’s a full cooked English style brekkie. The highlight for me on my last visit, was the group of local musicians playing the old toe tapping favourites.

After breakfast, browse the stalls outside the gift shop for lots of local produce. And finally, enjoy a wander around the gardens, and a chat with the locals. For more information, visit our page about the gardens.

For those that are too full from breakfast to walk, there is a tractor driven train departing at 10am and 11am, which will give you a guided tour of the gardens.

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Mildura City Market

2nd Sunday of the month, Langtree Ave mall. 9am - 12pm.

Langtree mall
View of the Langtree mall, taken from "Feast Street"

The markets in general have been reasonably quiet lately. Not surprising due to the current covid siuation I suppose, so when I turned up this morning, there weren't too many people there. Although it certainly wasn't deserted, far from it in fact.

I spent a pleasant hour or more browsing the stalls, which ranged from retailers with stalls at the front of their shops, to local arts and crafts people. One of those is Liz, and she has a stall which sells some beautiful home-made jams and preserves.

I have actually purchased her marmalade previously at the Farmers market... I can tell you it is absolutely delicious. Not too sweet, dark and tangy, just how I like it. Highly recommended.

Langtree mall
Liz's stall at Langtree... DO try the marmalade!

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Car Boot Sale (Garden of Hope)

4th Saturday of the month, 158 Seventeenth St. 8am - 1pm.

I only found out about this quite recently, and plan on attending the next one so I can take a few pictures and see what's for sale. But in the meantime, here is the description I was provided ...

Phone 0427121042 Car Boot and Market stall, 4th Saturday of each month - 8am to 1 pm

Clean out your shed and cupboards and join us! Great range of goods from Market stalls to Bric and Brac, Household items, Arts and crafts, Nigel's Rustic Art, Home made Cards, Jewellery, Plants and pots, Toys, Men's shed things, plus more.

Brekkie and coffees available with slices, etc. Playground and activities for all ages.

Cost $10 a site

Garden of Hope Mildura 158 Seventeenth St Cabarita 3505

While the dates do clash with the Botanical Gardens Market, this might be a better option for those with a young family. Plenty for the kids to do here after you have found a few bargains at the stalls. Make it a family day out. You can even stay here overnight as they have a B&B. Details on that will be on a new page, coming soon.

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Merbein Mega Mart

While the name might conjour up images of supermarkets, it is in fact a collection of over 60 stall holders gathered under the same roof. For those that like to rummage for old treasures, trinkets and bric-a-brac, the Merbein Mega Mart is going to be your "cup of tea".

Antiques, crafts, garden goodies, old furniture and other assorted goods and curios... it will take you hours to see it all. There is far too much to try and describe everything here, so why not call in and see for yourself? The image gallery below is only a small sample of what's on offer.

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