Some of our favourite takeaways in Mildura

Our Favourite Mildura Takeaway Shops

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It seems like every cafe and restaurant offers a takeaway menu these days. All down to Covid of course, but that's not really what we are discussing here. Nope, we are talking about genuine takeaway shops, chippies, fast food, call them what you will.

So, who does the best fish and chips in Mildura? Or the best burger (hint: it's probably not maccas). What about pizza, and no, we aren't going to include food chain stores like Dominoes. Come and join us on our quest to get some definitive answers to one of life's most important questions... who does the best takeaways in Mildura?

I will only rate those places that I have actually been to... no "second hand reports". And as always, these are my personal opinions, which may or may not match yours.

The following are the takeaways establishments we have settled on using regularly, and I'm not suggesting that others won't be as good... perhaps you know a great one that we haven't mentioned? Just contact us to let us know!

Some of our favourite takeaways in Mildura

Best Chips In Mildura?

Well, this is a tough one. I had originally been going to give this to "Snagged On Eighth" as their chips have always been good. Never had a bad batch.

But after our takeways last night from a different place, I have changed my mind... some of the nicest chips we have had in Mildura yet. We have had them from here in the past, I had forgotten just how nice they are.

Best Chips: Ontario General Store (corner of Ontario and Eighth). Runner up, Snagged on Eighth.

Ontario Store
The Ontario store does our favourite chips.

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Best Burgers In Mildura?

Let's discount places like McDonalds, KFC and Hungry Jacks. if you have had one of those somewhere else (and who hasn't) then you know exactly what you're getting.

What about the takeaway shops that do their own burgers? The standards can vary, but here is the one I have found to be consistently good.

Snagged On Eighth Their "Murray Burger with the lot" is a meal in itself, crammed with everything and pretty decent value, IMO. I always get some chips to go with it, and usually find I can't eat them all... our dogs love takeway nights, they always get some hot chips as a treat!

The drawback to this takeway shop is the location. On a Friday or Saturday night it is almost impossible to get a park anywhere close, unless you get lucky.

Snagged on Eighth
I can recommend the The Murray Burger from Snagged on Eighth

There are a number of burgers that I have tried around Mildura, that I won't be trying again. I won't mention names as that's not fair, perhaps I just caught them on an off day. But here is an example of that...

I tried a burger recently from an un-named venue, and I hate to say it... while I'm not fussy by any means, I just couldn't eat it. Not sure if my order was misunderstood or they got distracted, but what I received was just an overcooked greasy burger pattie in a slightly stale bun. That was it, nothing else in it. The dogs did well out of that, with no complaints from them.

But I might give them another chance... perhaps they were just having a bad night. Tried some of their chips as well, but not to my taste. They were OK, just not something I would go out of my way to get. Probably taste better late at night after a few too many drinks.

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Best Parmies?

While there are plenty of venues that do good parmies, I think local opinion is pretty conclusive. G&T Schnitzel Bar in Merbein. That is not to knock any of the other places... if you don't feel like the drive out to Merbein you can still find a great parmie in town. for example, Prince of Parmys in San Mateo Ave is very popular.

Parmie and a pot ($15), at G&T Schnitzel Bar

Best Pizza In Mildura?

I will confess to actually enjoying Dominos. But as far as pizzas go, one of the nicest I have had in Mildura was a few years ago and came from a servo, would you believe? It took a long time to cook, wasn't particularly big for the money, but it tasted great.

That place had been recommended to us by some friends, so we thought we would see what it was like. For those interested in trying them (if indeed they still do pizza, I'm not sure), it's the Caltex Servo on Seventh. I will add that to the takeaways map, once I create one.

Just as a bit of extra info, their fuel isn't cheap. For that, go to the Castrol servo across the road. It's usually at least 10c a litre cheaper.

The Caltex servo on Seventh street
The Caltex servo on Seventh street

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Best Chinese/Asian Takeaway In Mildura?

Tom's Place - Chinese & Malaysian Food
Tom’s Place will be closed from 22nd August to 5th September 2022 for kitchen renovation

My "go to" takeaway with this is always sweet and sour pork, with a side of fried rice... this is what I judge the quality by. If they can't do a good sweet and sour, or the rice is too dry and tasteless, I won't be going back. I have definitely had some shockers in my time. But also many very good ones.

While there are number of very good Asian takeaway venues around Mildura, one stands out to me as having the edge over the competition, the food is absolutely delicious. Sometimes you have a meal and think "wow, this is just beautiful". Well, Toms Place does that for me. I admit, the name doesn't sound particularly inspiring, or even particularly Asian, and the premises are nothing special to look at either, but don't let that fool you.

They do both Chinese and Malaysian food here. If you enjoy Asian style food as much as I do, then give them a try. I know you won't be disappointed. We only discovered them quite recently, and they are now firmly at the top of my favourite takeaway venues list.

Page from the Toms Place menu
Page from the Toms Place menu

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