Local Business Owners:

If you own a local business that caters to tourists, then why not get in touch with me to write about it on this site? If your business is something that my website visitors would be interested to know about, then I'm interested as well.

No cost to you, other that some time to discuss the details of what your business offers, perhaps take a few pictures that I can use, and proof the final page draft. It's a win-win siuation. A win for you of course, with free promotion. A win for my website visitors, as they get content they want to read about. But also a win for me, as I expand the site. The more quality content, the better Google ranks the pages - which means more traffic, which equals more eyes (and potential customers) on YOUR business.

Of course, having a page on this and other travel oriented websites is only one step in your business promotions. Do you have your own website?

A website is often your first point of contact with potential customers. And like it or not, people DO judge you by what they see and experience on that site. When I look around the internet at small local business websites, the standards vary immensely.

From high quality professionally designed websites costing many thousands of dollars to build, to ones that look like they just stepped out of the ninties.And even worse... the ones that are still not responsive and mobile friendly. That will just KILL your site these days.

Don't kid yourself... a high quality mobile responsive website that actually gets traffic and ranks well in Google, is not going to be the result of choosing a low quote from somebody that a friend of your cousin knows who once built a page on Wix.

Unfortunately, the price point is not always an indicator of the quality you will receive. I have seen many web designers charging in excess of 3K for a website that looks nice enough on the surface, but pageload speed is about the same as continental drift. Or looks great on a laptop but has display issues on an iPhone. Or has accessibility problems... and so on

Pge load speed numbers from Google Insights
These are the sort of page load speed numbers you want!

If you are looking to upgrade your current website, or indeed start a brand new one, then I can help. With 15+ years under my belt designing websites for clients across the globe, I can help you get a cost effective website up and running. And at a price point that is far less than you might think.

Just drop me an email via the contact form below and we can talk!

Regards, AJ

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