Exploring Mildura: Oasis On The Murray

An early summer morning in Mildura, with the promise of a gorgeous sunny day ahead... is there a more perfect place to be in Australia? We don't think so. Endless clear blue skies, and the magnificent Murray river right on your doorstep.

So what is it that makes the perfect holiday destination for you? is it the weather? Well, we've got that covered, that's for sure. Maybe it's motorport, fishing, good food, arts, or plenty of activities to keep the kids amused? Yep, we got those covered too.

Hi there, I'm AJ, your personal guide to our corner of the Mallee. You can read more about me here if you want. I'm here to show you around Mildura, so let's get started.

Eat & Drink Around Mildura

Favourite Cafes




Mildura - the biggest city in the Mallee, with a population of around 35,000 in Mildura itself, and approximately 80,000 residents in the district (though that figure is somewhat debatable1). We love this place, but then again, perhaps we're biased. We do live here, after all.

Mallee: a general term for the top north western part of Victoria, Australia. The word refers to the mallee gum, which is common in the arid ground in this area.

Mildura: in the Latje Latje language, this translates to "red earth"

From watersports to fine food and wine, glorious sunny weather and riverboat cruises, Mildura has something to please everyone. For us, that means the wonderful climate (as long as you like your summers VERY hot!), the golf courses, the friendly people, and of course, the Murray river right on our doorstep.

Events like the "Dash for Cash" water-ski races, and the Jazz and Country music festival attract big crowds every year (although not 2020... due to Covid of course). No matter what time of year you choose to visit, there will be something going on in the Mildura and Sunraysia district.

Just Some Of The Things To See & Do Around Mildura

The Chaffey Trail

Fishing The Murray

Fishing on the Murray River


A 1968 Holden GTS

River Cruises

Cruise on the Murray River

So come on over and look around... stay a few days (or weeks!) and explore some of the highlights that this region has to offer.

After a hard day taking in the sights and a meal at one of the first class restaurants down "feast street", you can kick back and watch the sun going down over the Murray. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Sunset on the Murray river, near Mildura
Another beautiful sunset on the Murray River


Picking oranges
Backpackers Info

Take A Day Trip

Mungo National park
Plan a Daytrip


Farmers markets, on the banks of the Murray
Enjoy a local market

Arts & Crafts

Art Galleries Galore

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1 Population figures vary wildy depending on your source. This website gives a population in the region of 80,000. Whereas this website says 53,000. Yet another souce says 32,000 although that census figure is 5yrs out of date. So take your pick.